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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mlm Kebudayaan Kolej Alamanda ;)

my stuff. huu

helo kwn2! lama ta update blog. hahaha. busy sgt2. Bile on plak, tenet cam gile ckit. Tu yg ta sempat update. Sori ye kwn2 ;] so, ni antara gmbr2 masa mlm kebudayaan.
manager utk zapin.Jiha & Ieha
have to tunduk ckit utk bg sma tinggi ngn dorg. huhu

me with the manager for zapin, masri, dikir barat n modern dance. syahir!
one of the dancer (ANA) comel2.
sib baek la pandai jahit. hahaha ;p
dikir barat - nursing dpt 1st place.

our lecturer. Cik Sha && Cik Syiken ;]
Masri- 1st place
fafa && jaja
go nursing, GO! hehe
with jaja's bf. sanggup datng dari jauh. hee

Friday, March 13, 2009

2009, 13 March, Friday

Hey peopleeee...hee. ta sempat sangt na post blog. na update sume sume. patot dapat post tadi tapi wireless sgt gileee.. haha. will be update soon. just waitt!


Monday, March 9, 2009

our hottie GAL : EISYA ;]

make up artist ;)

happy-happy cukkk ;p

suke Music Chair.yeahhhh!

my junior yg mmg suke main-main rambut.haha!

find me!

dude, what happen actually? just wait otayh! muahhx. ;]

Actual event: January 24, 2009
MONDAY, March 09, 2009

Today, 090309. Just love the number. Hee. it's been a long time I wanted to have BLOG.

But, I do not having so much time to make it. Anyway, thanks to encik SHAFEX! He’s been so kind to

make it for me. Alrite people, got to go now. Finishing my power point for my presentation next

morning. I will be the 4th group to present. Hahahaha. Can’t wait babe! XOXO ;p
Monday, March 09, 2009

Ain- hee

FAFA-busy menjahit.haha ;p

agak2 utk ape ye?

p/s: More to come: Malam kebudayaan ;]