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Sunday, May 17, 2009

hey hey! just came back from cousin's bday party. it was so amazing. hee. actually na swimming tadi tapi ta sempat. pfftt!!
and im goin back to my 'lubly' hostel tonyte. hahahaha.
so, before im off-ing out.. here are some photo during the Nurses's Day at PWTC.



the juniors... ;]

opss.. nampk muncong. ngee ;p

talk masa aritu sume best best. ada ckp pasal breast prosthesis, foot care for diebetic patient and online learning. ;]

alalala.. comeynyee


during tea time ;)

candid candid. thanx!

beg jiha comel beg for sachs.

gila jeles tade gmbr ni..huhuhu

na gak join tapi masa ni gi tmpt laen :(

jiha ;)


lately ngidam J.Co. tatau nape. :( ta sabar na abeskan prktikal ni. mau J.Co! :'(

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