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Sunday, November 29, 2009


helooo... maybe u guys have read at my profile at fs, ms or wherever it is. it's about 'if u have time, find for me pls?' thing. haha.

fyi, i just make some confession to one of my bff (nazihah husnita).
i told her, i kindly interested with a man who is taller than me when im wearing 3 inch heels. hee.

that is the first characteristic that im looking for. cause i am not cute like u, not pretty like u and not just 'comel-comel' girl like you.

i am big and tall. and im wearing 7-9 size of shoes. haha.
im kinda a weird gal aite?

so, dun simply introduce any man to me. ok?

tq. ;p

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